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Fly Ash Bricks
Product code : UC001
Fly Ash Bricks

Pulverised ash brick (PAB) technology is a process of converting industrial waste materials into quality building materials. At present, the technology is well established in converting thermal power plant waste into quality bricks.

PAB technology uses dry ash (fly ash collected from ESP or silos of thermal power plants); filler materials (usually coarse sand or stone crusher dust); and additives (lime, gypsum or cement). The strength of the bricks can be engineered by varying compositions. Equipment used can be manual or mechanised. Mechanised machines deploy hydraulic compaction to produce a variety of bricks and can be operated through electric or diesel power.

Fly- Ash Brick Sizes::

The following sizes are available with us,

8\" = 200x95x70 (mm)

9\" = 230x110x75 (mm)

10\"= 250x120x75 (mm)